41 Signs Of People Falling In Love

1. You realize there is something different in him/herself to know more deeply.

2. You feel there is something strange in yourself. But you cannot explain it.

3. Smiling or laughing alone like crazy.

4. If he/she saw us, our heart start beating hard.

5. Suddenly having insomnia.

6. Always write about him/her in your diary.

7. Listening to love song everyday.

8. Suddenly care about fashion you wear and try to appear as cool as possible.

9. Taking a long time in front of mirror wherever you find it.

10. Try to as near as possible with him/her.

11. Always reading horoscope on newspaper.

12. Want to know everything about him/her, including his/her grandma’s telephone number.

13. Approaching his/her best friends.

14. If got a chance, you take a pictures of him/her with your camera phone and put it as wallpaper.

15. Write his/her name on the empty space you found everywhere.

16. Spending hours just to look at his/her pictures.

17. If he/she call your name, you hear it like a bolt of lightning.

18. Keeping his/her BBM for a long time.

19. If you hear telephone ringing, you start to paranoid, guessing from him/her.

20. You’ll sacrifice everything for him/her even though you don’t like it.

21. Confuse how to ask him/her to watching movie with you after you bought two tickets.

22. You save your money just to buy him/her a gift.

23. Finding the most romantic Valentine’s card for him/her.

24. Always praise everything about him/her.

25. Buy all books about love.

26. When he/she smiles at you, you guess it with thousands of meaning.

27. Sending him/her SMS everyday just to ask a question about him/her whether he/she’s fine or not.

28. Pretend to borrow a book eventhough you don’t need it.

29. Borrow him/her a book so you can visit to his/her home to take it back.

30. If you suddenly face eye an eye with him/her, you feel like an angel fly to the sky.

31. Don’t missed a single of newspaper everyday so that you will not lack of topic when you talk to him/her.

32. Write summary everyday on your diary about your efforts progress.

33. Like everything he/she like.

34. Always give him/her attention when he/she is in trouble.

35. Don’t care about his/her lack.

36. You still cannot forget him/her eventhough he/she hurts you or makes you disappointing.

37. Feeling sad when cannot meet him/her.

38. Muse everyday, everytime, everywhere.

39. Dreaming beautiful things about you and him/her.

40. Buy the most fragrant perfume.

41. When you read this article, you remember about someone. That’s the real sign that you have already falling in love.


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