Fast Dating

When fad diets and 2 minute snacks are gaining in popularity, it’s no surprise that speed dating is fast gaining ground as a popular option to find that perfect match. This has proven to be a great way to meet new people and make new contacts as well. One can get an idea about speed dating in the Will Smith starrer, Hitch. Will Smith plays the role of a date doctor who helps to teach men how to win the hearts of women they love and dream to date. In other words, he brings their dreams to reality. Speed dating maybe a strange concept to some, there are many who go ‘Tut tut! What is the world coming to with these strange concepts on the rise?’ But one can’t really ignore the fact that speed dating is preferred by youngsters who are looking out to find the perfect match without wasting too much time and waiting for what seems like eternity to find a special someone!

What exactly is Fast Dating?
If you take a look at the events in your city, you can come across a lot of speed dating programs that are organized for those seeking to find the perfect match. Here, a venue is chosen where many girls and guys get to meet each other for a brief period of about 3 to 4 minutes per person. Each person is given a number and groups are allotted as per the tables arranged. When the event begins, you will need to sit at the table and have a quick conversation with the person on the opposite side. The moment you hear the bell ring, you have to change your seat to meet the next potential date! When you think you have met the potential date, all you need to do is write down the number and details on the sheet that is provided, so that at the end of the speed dating event, you can have a basic idea of the various kinds of people that have caught your attention. Generally, you can end up liking a lot of people at speed dating events but this is only because your choice is based on the first impressions. The next process would depend upon the event organizer. You may have to register and pay the organizers to get the details of the people you liked to continue dating and try to get to know the person better.

This kind of mini dating events has raised quite a few eyebrows. This is because many believe that a few minutes are never enough to know whether you like the person. The concept of speed dating has become popular because it lets people interact and meet more people they can identify with or relate to. Although this is not possible in the first meet, it is up to the individual how he/she takes the 3 minute conversation to a long lasting relationship. The motive of speed dating is to introduce you to a group of people so that you can find like minded people you can gel with and also increase your friend circle.

Tips for Fast Dating:

Always ensure you dress up well.
Speed dating is all about making the right impressions. This is not the right time to try a bizarre hairdo however great it may be. So, pull on your best attire and be sure you are well groomed. Spray some great smelling perfume, as body odor can be one of the main reasons why you may not even be considered to be on the potential partner list!

Always learn to play up your assets.
If you have great legs, wear a skirt to show it off. Speed dating is all about first impressions so use your wardrobe essentials in the best way possible. Remember, never to go over the top for speed dating events.

Colors can play an important part in getting you the right date.
If you wish to attract attention a fancy top in red can work wonders for you. Men can go in for a basic blue, as it tends to give a very good impression; women are bound to think you are stable and faithful as well.

Is flirting fine for speed dating?
This is one thought that is bound to run through your mind. Flirting is great for these speed dating programs as this can convey to the other person you are definitely interested in him/her. Make a steady eye contact and flash your gorgeous smile! Do remember that your flirting signals should be toned down unless your date thinks you are a born flirt and prefers to keep away from you!

Write down a list of questions you would like to ask the person.
This will save time and also let you know more about the other person. You can add some humor to the conversation as well, so that it does not seem like the same boring conversation you will have with all the other people present for speed dating. This will also prove to an icebreaker for those who find making conversations a difficult affair.

Once you have narrowed done your choice and get all the details about the person, you will need to be very careful for the dates that follow.
You must meet at cafes and eat outs to be on the safer side. Maintain a distance in the first few meetings no matter how attractive that person may seem to be. Always ensure your family knows where you are headed to and whom you are dating; it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Remember to be comfortable when you are conversing with the different partners.
Once you are comfortable with yourself, your true personality will automatically showcase through your conversation.

Go slow with speed dating although this is all about ‘speed’! Quite ironical I must say, but remember this is just a platform to meet somebody.
Knowing a person can take a long time. Meet a couple of times before you lose your heart too easily. This will also show you in a different light!

Have fun! After all, you have come here to have fun. So shed all your inhibitions and relax and learn to enjoy. You never know when you will bump into the right person!



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