Spirit Of 7UP

1. Wake Up (wake up). Not matter how many times we fail, but if we are more awake and start again.

2. Dress Up (decorated). Beauty from within is far more important than mere decoration outside a while, have the mentality of abundance, the dr a self-esteem & sense of security in the.. This will produce a willingness to share the honor, profit, and responsibility.

3. Shut Up (stop talking). Stop talking about past, it’s time to focus on ourselves for future success.

4. Stand Up (standing). Stand firm on the early belief that we must succeed.

5. Look Up (look at). At the inauguration of Disney Land, one reporter asked the wife of the late Walt Disney How do you feel when seeing his dream has become reality with the opening of Disney Land this? Walt Disney’s wife said he had seen this all happened long before this project formed
Look at all of our dreams in our imagination as if it had happened.

6. Reach Up (Reach). Reach something higher than the previous achievement because it signifies that we are indeed growing.

7. Lift Up (raise). Raise all our dreams in the form of prayer of thanksgiving as if all had happened …

Hopefully we can both learn to inculcate the spirit of 7UP that will help us and others to achieve success.


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