Did “he” loves you?

Did you know that certain signs communicate a lot? Sometimes, a guy says much more through his actions than words. It just a matter of decoding his actions and you would surely know the reality, much before he says it. So, in case you want to decode the love signals of your ‘friend’, just go through the following lies, as we have provided some sure signs that would tell you that he loves you. 

An eye contact would surely tell about the chemistry between the two of you.
Just when you look deep into his eyes, check if he does the same. Even if it’s for a short stance, know for sure that there is a spark in your relationship.

He is all smiles when he sees you and misses you when you are not around.
A pleasing or an enthusiastic ‘hi’ would surely let you know if he is happy to have you around him.

He stares at you blatantly and when you look back, he puts off his eyes either at the ceiling or at the ground.

Does he call you by a nick name or a pet name?
We usually give nick names to people whom we are extremely close to. So, in case he has given you one, you are surely his closest ‘friend’.

Did you know that body language says much more than words? Watch if your body language matches his. This is surely one of the top telltale signs that he likes you.

He would call you up for no reason at all and the two of you would spend hours talking over the phone.
He would often give you a call right in the morning or late at night, just to wish you a good day or a good night. Had he been just a friend, would he call you up at the wee hours of the day?

Check if he flirts back, if you flirt with him.
Though he might be in a playful mood, know that he is still reciprocating the feelings and not turning his back to them.

Touch, as they say, reveals a lot.
See if he touches you more than that required. For instance, does he put an arm around you at the time of walking or does he hug you for even the smallest of things or does he hold your hands. Unless he is a playboy, these are sure shot signs that he likes you.

If the guy likes you genuinely, he wouldn’t mind going that extra mile or that extra block to bid you farewell.
Inviting you for a cup of coffee when its time for you to depart, just to spend additional time with you, is also one of the signs that he likes you.

In case a guy is charmed by you, he would find you really amusing, even if you are in the dumbest of moods.
For instance, you might crack a joke that is absolutely humorless, but the guy would laugh as if he has never heard something that is funnier than the joke you cracked.

Friends are great way to find out if a boy loves you or not. If his friends are aware of his feelings, they would not keep their traps closed even when you are around. Check if they are teasing him when you are there.

Check if he is trying to show an interest in the things you do.
For instance, if you like a certain genre of music, he would start collecting CDs of your favorite band as well, just to make you feel that both of you have shared interest or common grounds.

It is generally said that guys talk less and notice more, as compared to gals. Though he might not be as talkative as you are, he might surprise you at times by pointing out the minutest change in your appearance.


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