Get Close With Your Ex Boyfriend Again

Endless talks on umpteen topics ensued and I just loved to be with him and unknowingly there developed a longing for him, without me even getting a clue about it. Eventually the day came when he had to leave. I don’t know if he sensed it or not, but I did not want him to go. But there he was, ready to go, all set. Little did I know that after almost a year of being in a quasi or as some others would call it a proper relationship with him that it was going to get over in a matter of hours or a couple of days. I was unaware of the fact that it was going to be all over between us after he went back”.

“I felt as if I am having a dream. He came like a breeze, and sigh, went back the same way. But in those couple of days or so, I had the best time of my life. Shopping, having nice meals at different restaurants or just having a hot cuppa coffee coupled with his comfortable and reassuring company. The wait, the moments of anxiousness teamed with excitement, till he came seemed to be worth after he came. There was something about him – a little bit of aloofness at the same time the feeling that he cared which came across and was sort of evident through his bespectacled and mischief-filled eyes.

Are you also thinking of what the ‘I’ in the above description might have felt? That is how to get the guy back you love? Well, if you are ready, let me tell you a secret. You do not really need to know how to get your boyfriend back, unless you have erred, that is what I feel! Well, jokes apart, that is easier said than done. So without mincing my words here is how to get your ex boyfriend back

Get Close With Your Ex Boyfriend Again

I wont be sermonizing at all about moving on after a break up, or how to get your boyfriend back after breakup, for instance. These are just some pointers from the things i have been told by my parents and my friends who have been in relationships and also what my experiences have taught me.

Introspect and Let Go
Well, cribbing about why he left is no good. But yes, an objective thought can definitely be given to the whole affair (pun intended!). If you seem to be drawing a conclusion out of this mental churning, great. If it does take you nowhere, my darlings, it is better to kick his thoughts out of your mind (easier said than done, huh?). That will make you feel better. Take this relationship advice after all there are other fish in the pond!

Try, Try but Don’t Cry
If you are hell bent upon getting your ex boyfriend back, then you can surely give it a shot. But then before you take a a step towards that, think if you REALLY want him back in your life. If you are damn sure, go for it. Do whatever you can to convince him about your feelings. Although, do not go the extent of getting him back by hook or by crook! At the same time, do not let him think that he is indispensable for you. While trying to let go of the past, you should take good care of yourselves, have your own things as well.

Talk it Out
While thinking of how to get your boyfriend back, talking the issue out with him, trying to know the reasons behind his behavior, might sort out things between you two. Talk to him about the whole issue. If you want to know about how to get your ex to want you back, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Acceptance the Key
If you have erred unconsciously and he is hurt by that, accept the mistake and apologize. It will always smoothen the rough patches in a relationship. See if that works. That can work especially if you are looking at how to get your boyfriend back after you cheated. Who knows? You can get your Prince Charming back!

These were just a few things that could be done, generally. These may not apply to everyone and in all the situations! please take note of that!

Finally if you are thinking of how to get your boyfriend, patience and keeping the expectations at the minimum is the key. If you expect that you are doing more than you have ever been asked for, only to be distanced further from him because of his apathy, just enjoy your singlehood! Think of someone else!


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