File Manager Pro

File Manager Pro v1.6.0

File Manager Pro is the advanced file and Zip archive manager for your BlackBerry smartphone. With File Manager Pro, you can manage your files easily and quickly using its powerful new features. In addition, File Manager Pro allows you to open, create, extract and append to Zip archives that are today’s de facto standard for distributing compressed files.

Work with the contents of Zip archives received via email.

As of OS 4.5, your BlackBerry smartphone is pre-installed with Docs-To-Go and the ability to download email attachments. Often these attachments contain PDF and Office documents that are compressed in a Zip archive. With File Manager Pro you can easily extract these documents for use with applications that natively handle Office and PDF files.

Send documents as email from your BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry has a limitation on the size of attachments that can be sent from your device. Many Office and PDF documents exceed this limitation either as a single or multiple files preventing you from emailing them from your BlackBerry. Now you can easily compress one or more documents into a single Zip archive and Send as Email, all from within File Manager Pro.

Manage all your files and folders.

With large capacity Media cards you have the ability to carry thousands of documents on your BlackBerry. However, with so many files and folders it can be difficult to manage. In addition, it’s critical that mobile applications be fast and responsive, but until now opening and browsing folders with lots of files was painfully slow, virtually freezing your BlackBerry. With the advanced features and performance optimizations of File Manager Pro, managing your files is fast and simple.

Create, edit and view your text files.

With the integrated Text Editor you can easily edit and view your text files, or any file you select to Open as Text. With features such as an advanced Find & Replace, Spell Checking (trackball devices only), multiple Zoom levels, easy text selection and navigation, managing your text files will be simple
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This applications for all RIM types

Download OTA:
OS 4.3,4.5,4.6
Download Here


OS 4.7, 5.0, 6.0
Download Here


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